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English summary

You may like to be here, but just not in my backyard.

'This is not uncommon when housing for people with special needs should be placed. But Proportion Society Hjortshøj challenge prejudices and invite 16 mentally handicapped adults to become a part of living and working community. The construction of 16 housing starts in 2010 and expected occupancy in autumn 2012. The new residents will engage in cooperative society on an equal footing with other residents and participate in daily activities such as cultivating the land and care for the animals in organic farming. The 16 homes for mentally disabled will be built under the law for public housing. Mortgages funded by the Municipality of Aarhus, and capital budget is just over 29 million. Project is embedded in a steering committee with representatives from the Municipality of Aarhus, Share Society Hjortshøj, LEV, ULF and REALDANIA who support the project with 2.8 million kr. 
The new housing will be under the organizational Bocenter Nord in Aarhus.